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At Orange County Divorce Lawyers, you will find a team of Orange County lawyers devoted to helping clients obtain favorable solutions for a variety of legal matters. With countless decades of collective experience, you can trust in the team’s ability to meet your legal needs.

We have been handling legal matters for years and is extensively familiar with the courts, judges, and other attorneys in the area.

Don’t put your child or children, future, finances, or security at risk. Come to a local divorce law firm in Orange County, CA that completely understands your legal rights and actively pursues the best possible case results that protect your interests. Our Orange County family lawyer’s mission is to provide your family with tireless, tenacious representation.


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Child Custody

Children deserve to be as protected as possible when their parents choose to obtain a divorce. In most cases, California courts seek to award joint physical custody of children, which simply means that parents will share custody at some level.

Child Support

According to California’s child support guidelines, a child or children must be provided support—also called maintenance—by both parents. The purpose of child support is to enable any child(ren) to share in the standard of living enjoyed by both parents, even after a divorce.


Divorce laws in California have undergone many changes and developments over the past few decades. It may be difficult to navigate a modern divorce procedure without assistance.

Therefore, it is crucial that you take action to protect your rights throughout the divorce process and that your best interests are the top priority in your divorce.

Legal Separation

Some couples considering divorce may not be ready to make an official commitment to dissolving their marriage. Other couples may just feel they need some time apart before they can go back to the terms and conditions of their wedding vows. Whatever the reason may be, many people in a relationship opt to legally separate instead of terminating their marriage.

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Our Orange County CA divorce lawyers have specifically limited our family practice to focus exclusively on family law and divorce. From contested divorce and legal separation to property division and child custody agreements, an experienced Orange County divorce lawyer at our firm can assist you with nearly any type of legal family matter serving Orange County, CA.

Our family law attorney in Orange County has earned a reputation for helping our California clients reach mutual agreements without family court involvement through the process of negotiation. Though litigation is typically not ideal for family matters, our Orange County CA divorce lawyers are not intimidated to go to family court on your behalf in the pursuit of securing the best possible resolution for your family.


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