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Making the decision to dissolve your marriage may be the most critical decision of your family’s life.

You deserve affordable effective and prompt results, if you are to reinstate your composure.

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What are the steps for a Divorce?

Deciding to Divorce your spouse

Making the decision to dissolve your marriage may be the most critical decision of your family’s life. Factors to consider in a divorce are “peace of mind” and legal matters.


Preparation for a Divorce

Know your options and legal ramifications before plunging into a divorce. Those that file for a divorce will frequently have a misunderstanding about family law.  


Dissolution Petition & Proceedings

If you have an agreement with your spouse and do not anticipate having a contested divorce, your agreement can be incorporated into your final judgment (divorce Order). 

Post Divorce

Whenever there are children involved between the two parties, in most cases there will be on going issues that arise from “child-support” issues due to modification that result from changes in ones financial situations. 



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